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Elizabeth B. Jenkins

Learn the authentic healing methods of the
Q’ero Paqos from Elizabeth Jenkins
Keeper of the Q’ero Traditions

An advanced class for Paquo healers

This is a unique opportunity & Elizabeth does not teach this course often

Elizabeth’s Introduction to the course

'In this four-day class we will focus on the healing framework & techniques taught to me over the last 25 years by Don Manuel Q’espi, Don Humberto Sonqo Q'espi, Doña Bernardina Apaza Flores, Don Martin Q’espi Machaca, Don Lorenzo Ccapa Apaza, and the Ñust’a Paqos team: Doña Augustina, Doña Rosita, Doña Monica, Doña Marcusa, as well as the female power Apus of Peru, and Miskaiyani.

We will learn the hands on healing methods of the Q'ero.
We will integrate these techniques into a modern healing practice to strengthen and stabilize our connection with our Star, Nature Mother, Father, and the Ñust’as, the healing forces of Nature.

We will be calling in and anchoring at our venue, TY ISAF,’ the Energies from Irish Sacred Sites, Welsh Wells Activation, the Thames, and Glastonbury at the beginning and ending of our Seminar.

Course Details
Limited Numbers:

Please note that this course has very limited numbers; we advise booking immediately in order to avoid disappointment!

: Thursday 4th, Friday 5th, Saturday 6th &
Sunday 7th 2019

Class Times:
9.00am – 7:00pm

This is an exceptionally beautiful and special venue with a warm hearted welcome. Ty Isaf, Star Crossing Road, Cilcain, Flintshire, North Wales, Ch75NP

There will be complementary tea, coffee & herbal teas for breaks.

People are encouraged to bring a packed lunch and eat at the venue. Arrangements will also be made at the local Inn to offer various lunch options. You can also choose to visit the village.

The classes will finish at 7.00pm or 7.30pm latest, there are restaurants and shops in the area. People may choose to eat out together also.

Prerequisites to the training:
3-Day Inka Intensive or equivalent with Elizabeth or Juan Nunez Del Prado or Joan Wilcox.
Initiation into Hoocha Mikhuy
Bring your Mama Kaipei (Mother Bundle or Mesa or Mala)
People who have taken the class at ‘Pistyll’ with Elizabeth may attend

(Please contact Majella for any clarifications)

Spiritual Preparation requested by Elizabeth:
For participation you will have identified the following already:
1.ITU APU (your birth mountain)
2. PAQARINA (your birth river)
3. GUIDING STAR – (your individual guiding star)
4. Hoocha Mikhuy Practice (practice of eating heavy energy for at least 3 months)

Please already have identified the above and connect with them and preferably have given offering to them. A daily practice of connecting with them would greatly empower the work.

Please also identify the following at your current residence:
1. ITU APU and PAQARINA (if different from that of your birthplace)
2. A pilgrimage to your birth Paqarina and Itu Apu, if possible, prior to the class is highly recommended, please ask for a Khuya (stone) from them for your Mama Kaipei (mother bundle or mesa).
(Goggle Earth, along with use of your intuition is the Paqo's best friend to locate your Paqarina, and ITU APU. Skywalk App is great for locating your guiding star).

Course Fee:
Investment for this unique opportunity: £595.00 Sterling

Further Detailed Information on the Programme
Please contact Majella for this information

Elizabeth Jenkins

is a world famous authentic renowned teacher & avid keeper of the Inka Tradition of Peru and Bolivia. Best selling author Elizabeth B. Jenkins (MA, MFT) is a psychotherapist and cultural researcher. She has been teaching Inka wisdom since 1992. With the success of her best selling book "The Return of the Inka", she began to travel throughout the world and has trained thousands of people in the Wisdom of the Inka's. The Return of the Inka has now been translated into into 24 languages.

Elizabeth's other books include "The Fourth Level" (2013) and "Journey to Q’eros" (2009) which, with are widely regarded as the most influential books on the Inka Tradition. Her profound, yet simple teachings, have helped people from all over the the world to achieve well being, find inner peace, and personal power. The foundation of her teachings is a transformation of consciousness in the student - an awakening into the next step in human evolution - transforming our fear-based state of consciousness to one of trust and personal responsibility by deepening our intrinsic Nature Intelligence. She sees this as essential for personal happiness, and also for healing our dysfunctional relationship with Nature.

From Elizabeth

Modern psychology, originally meaning “study of the soul,” has been defined as the science of mind and behaviour, focusing on intra-psychic and interpersonal psychodynamics as a means to understanding society. The last thirty years of development in transpersonal psychology has brought us two new fields: “Eco psychology” and “Energy psychology.” Where science, humanity, and Nature meet is described nicely in the term coined by Harvard biologist Edward O Wilson as the “biophilic instinct,” which describes our innate desire to connect with larger living systems as a motivating factor in human evolution. The Andean Mystical tradition and its framework of understanding the living energy cosmos that relates all human beings to Nature, offers its ancient tools and spiritual practices to provide the intimate, personal and direct contact with our living cosmos. These practices and framework of spiritual development correlate directly to our “biophilic instinct” and provide the practical tools required for us to participate in our own evolution at this time of dramatic change in human history.


Sue in Wales & Majella in Ireland are hosting Elizabeth and are bringing this amazing opportunity to you. Please note that places are limited and we suggest booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

How to Book:

Here are a sequence of suggested steps for booking:
1. Firstly please pay your deposit to Elizabeth through
Pay Pal $475.00 dollars + $20.00 dollars extra to cover the pay pal fees. This extra twenty dollars is not part of the course fee. So total to pay directly to Elizabeth is $495.00 dollars only, this will secure your place.

Using Pay Pal:
Everybody can use Pay Pal and you do not need to have an account. You put in the following email address: elizbjenkins@gmail.com which Pay Pal will ask you for. Please see terms and conditions of booking at end of document.

. Send a copy of the receipt to Majella at majella@holistic-training.com so she can secure your name on the list.
. You will receive an email saying that your place is secure
4. Please read and follow Elizabeth’s instructions on preparation for this unique training.
5. Book Accommodation as soon as possible
6. We will be in touch with you nearer the time
. Please note that places cannot be ‘held’ without a deposit being paid due to demand

Contact details for Majella & Sue
Majella & Sue are available on What’s App for free phone conversations also.

Contact Majella:
0035386 8635241 or 00 35346 9060600 or fill out the contact form on the web site

Contact Sue:
For information on the venue and area contact Sue: 0044837808508 , suehenry5np@hotmail.com

We are both on Skype and email and look forward to hearing from you.

Further Payment information is travelling from Southern Ireland

1. If travelling in from Europe or UK the balance will be paid on the first morning of the course at registration to organizers Majella & Sue in Sterling £235.00.

2. If you are coming from Southern Ireland the balance can be paid to Majella in Euros by June 21st to Green Tara. I can take card via phone, give a bank account or take cash/cheque. The amount will be the exchange rate on the day of payment.

3. Amount:
The balance will be £235.00 Sterling (we can accept cash only at that the venue, thank you)

Possible Accommodation listings:

There are many holiday accommodation offers in the area ., just Goggle surrounding areas 10 miles in vicinity of Cilcain. Most of the holiday cottages will rent out for 3 days plus. Also search air B & B


Plas Hafod Hotel, Gwernymynydd Nr Mold.
01352 700177

Beaufort Park Hotel, Mold Road, Buckley.
01352 758646

Travel Lodge, Northop Hall Nr Mold

Travel Lodge A55 Halkyn Street, Halkyn, Nr Holywell

Springfield Hotel, A55, Pentre Halkyn, Holywell.
01352 780503.
(Holywell has a famous healing well there which is older than Lourdes.)

Old Mill Holiday cottages, Melin y Wern, Nannerch
01352 742175

Nant -y - Gain fishing lodges, Cilcain

Dolwar, private bed and breakfast in Cilcain4, Ffordd y Llan

Herons lodges in Caerwys.
(see www.Booking.com)

Local restaurants and pubs for food and beverages

The white Horse pub
(16th century pub right in Cilcain village centre. 5 mins from house - pub food and sandwiches).

The Cherry Pie restaurant
Melin y wern, Nannerch
(10 mins away . traditional food).

The Indian Lounge
(Excellent Indian food run by family who have restaurants on the Manchester curry mile famous for its Indian restaurants , 7 mins away.)

The Dinorben in Bodfari nr Denbigh
(newly opened large pub restaurant, modern interior with wonderful views of Clwydian range, food good. 15 mins away)

The Glasfryn in Mold
(Part of the same chain as The Dinorben... 15 mins away)
Afonwen, near Caerwys/Mold
(antique and craft centre. A family run good traditional food, 12 mins away. Edenshine restaurant is not open in evenings.)

Cross Foxes Pub in Nannerch
(traditional pub food , 10 minutes away).

In the town of Mold which is 20 minutes away there are numerous pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Terms & Conditions of Booking:

1. If for any reason Elizabeth has to cancel the course then a full refund of deposits and course fees paid will be immediately refunded. All fees paid in advance will be  fully refunded. (This is highly unlikely but just in case of an emergency)

2. Please note that personal flights and travel arrangements are not included in this arrangement. We advise you take out travel insurance (however this has never happened) but please do feel secure that your fees would be refunded.

3. The deposit of $475.00 + $20.00 pay pal fees will secure your place but please note that it is strictly non-refundable if you withdraw from the course for any reason.

4.Elizabeth reserves the right to modify stated course content at any time dependent on needs of the collective bubble and/or messages from Mother Nature

4. Please book as soon as possible if you know you are coming as Elizabeth is booking flights from Hawaii especially to come to Europe, the only way we know people are committed to being here is when fees are paid, thank you so much

We hope to see you in beautiful Wales in July  

We are pleased to host the world's leading expert in Andean spirituality. Join us for an amazing teaching in energy medicine.

Elizabeth B. Jenkins
Teacher of the Inka-Nature Wisdom Tradition


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Testimonial to working with Elizabeth

"I would consider myself to be somewhat a groupie of the Andean Tradition for the past 6 years, following my teachers - Juan and Ivan Nunez Del Prado (and more recently Elizabeth B Jenkins) to various places around the world, learning and experiencing this way of life in more depth.

It started back in 2012, when (as a yoga teacher) I was seeking something new I had a yearning - or as they would say where I come from “there was a wee want in me”. I decided to ask the universe to help me with my quest. It came so fast, like the universe had been waiting for me to ask this question all my life! The next thing I knew, I was propelled onto the path by a magical sequence of events, and several months later I was on a life changing trip to Peru. This was the first time I did the Hatun Karpay with Juan and Ivan (Lloq’e - the left side of the tradition). Hearing Quechua, a new language and rituals, (of which I knew nothing), but I felt its truth and resonance on a profoundly deep level. I drank in as much as I could, and spent all my days taking notes with my mouth gaping open at these sophisticated, yet simple and exquisite practices. When I got home I sought out other courses with my teachers and kept it going.

Having studied with Juan and Ivan for five years, I always had a desire to know more about the female side of the tradition. Of course when you ask Pachamama, (and when you’re ready for it), you shall receive … then Elizabeth popped up on my radar on social media, and I headed to Greece (and later Italy, Hawaii and Peru) for her workshops. It has been everything I was looking for and more … and even some of that stuff that I wasn't’t looking for too! There is no escaping yourself - (or Elizabeth) when you come to her teachings.

My last trip with her in Peru was just incredible, we did the Hatun Karpay as I had done with Juan and Ivan five and a half years before. This time, having all the experience of working with all of my teachers I was able to digest more and it was a totally powerful experience. We also worked with the Nusta Paqos - Andean Priestesses, and went to some of the female sacred sites such as Apu Mama Simona and the Teqse Qocha lake. What was amazing was that the power within our group had got stronger as each day passed our Allyu Poqpo was being transformed. We meditated as we walked staying in the fourth level state, helping each other but staying sovereign to our own bubbles. Everyone had magical encounters with nature spirits and it was a truly magical adventure.

The Andean Tradition is not a one-time-quick-fix-thing, like a rite or initiation that is given to you & baamm you are done! It is about experiencing the Kausay Pacha on a daily basis with your whole being - offering, receiving and offering some more - AYNI. The more I give, the more I receive and want to give back. Elizabeth’s teachings bring you to the fourth level, but it is up to you to be open to receive it, to taste it for yourself, to honour, to speak it, to breathe it, and ultimately to LIVE it. It’s a beautiful work in progress, a gift that I am so grateful for, that I continue to open, unravel and receive."

Helena Lavery

The Fourth Level: Nature Wisdom Teachings of the Inka