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Elizabeth B. Jenkins

Keeper of the Q’ero Traditions- amazing opportunity -all the way from Hawaii just to be with you at Green Tara!

Elizabeth Jenkins will be teaching at Green Tara College in July 2018
Friday 20th/Saturday 21/Sunday 22 .
This is an amazing opportunity!

Renowned teacher of the Inka Tradition of Peru and Bolivia, best selling author Elizabeth B. Jenkins (MA, MFT) is a psychotherapist and cultural researcher. She has been teaching Inka wisdom since 1992. With the success of her best selling book "The Return of the Inka", she began to travel throughout the world and has trained thousands of people in the Wisdom of the Inka's. The Return of the Inka has now been translated into into 24 languages.

Elizabeth's other books include "The Fourth Level" (2013) and "Journey to Q’eros" (2009) which, with are widely regarded as the most influential books on the Inka Tradition. Her profound, yet simple teachings, have helped people from all over the the world to achieve well being, find inner peace, and personal power. The foundation of her teachings is a transformation of consciousness in the student - an awakening into the next step in human evolution - transforming our fear-based state of consciousness to one of trust and personal responsibility by deepening our intrinsic Nature Intelligence. She sees this as essential for personal happiness, and also for healing our dysfunctional relationship with Nature.

The Fourth Level: Nature Wisdom Teachings of the Inka

Course Content

EMPOWER YOURSELF BODY & SOUL WITH THE SACRED FORCES OF MOTHER NATURE while working with the sacred sites of the Boyne Valley

MISKAYANI, Mesas, Khuyas and Ñust'as Q'ero Style

In this course you will learn the NATURE of your Identity, and the seven basic practices of Inka Nature Wisdom, through direct personal and collective energetic experience. You will leave with skills you can apply to your daily lives, within your families, your work, and your community to increase your harmony, health, and happiness! These are previously unknown skills and unique to the Inka Traditions of the Andes direct from indigenous shaman

Elizabeth will offer unique initiations in WARMI & Ñust'a Qarpay.

Course Fees; Euros: 495.00. Deposit of 250.00 accepted till end of June then full fee paid by July 1st, thank you.
Please note the deposit is non refundable as Elizabeth is flying in from Hawaii to be with us This is a unique one off opportunity to study and learn with Elizabeth and learn from a Master.

This is a unique one off opportunity to study and learn with Elizabeth and learn from a Master.

The only prerequisite for entry is that you thoroughly read  The Fourth Level Book these are also available as audio files to download and listen from www.thefourthlevel.org.

You can find the book on Amazon but if you order directly from the web site Elizabeth gives an extra $4 per book to the Q'ero Kids Education fund!

Course Dates: July 2018
Friday 20th/Saturday 21/Sunday 22 .

Contact: Majella Fagan 0469060600 majella@holistic-training.com


We recommend St. Thomas B&B 0469028917, contact by phone only, if Elaine is unavailable to answer just leave a message and she will come back to you quickly.

Also see www.myhome.ie. some people who live in town and offer rooms in their homes at a very reasonable rate from €25.00

Nearest Hotel is the Newgrange Hotel, Navan 00353 46 9074100 and then the Ardboyne Hotel , Navan 00 353 46 9023119

Air B&B is also available


Green Tara College, Tara House, 1 Preston Place, 38 Trimgate Street, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland

Travelling from outside of Ireland

Fly into Dublin Airport and there is a Bus from Dublin Airport direct to Navan town. This is the most efficient and easiest way to get to the town. The College is located directly in the town center. The bus number is 109A and you will see directions when you walk out of the Airport for bus stops.
Here is the link for the bus timetable you will be coming from Dublin Air
port to Navan
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 How to book a Course

How to Book & Pay Deposit for Courses:
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Remember to Include with your application:
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When Posting: Please supply your email and phone numbers so we can get in contact with you, thanking you.       

If I can help with any further information please do let me know,  Regards Majella


Testimonial to working with Elizabeth

"I would consider myself to be somewhat a groupie of the Andean Tradition for the past 6 years, following my teachers - Juan and Ivan Nunez Del Prado (and more recently Elizabeth B Jenkins) to various places around the world, learning and experiencing this way of life in more depth.

It started back in 2012, when (as a yoga teacher) I was seeking something new I had a yearning - or as they would say where I come from “there was a wee want in me”. I decided to ask the universe to help me with my quest. It came so fast, like the universe had been waiting for me to ask this question all my life! The next thing I knew, I was propelled onto the path by a magical sequence of events, and several months later I was on a life changing trip to Peru. This was the first time I did the Hatun Karpay with Juan and Ivan (Lloq’e - the left side of the tradition). Hearing Quechua, a new language and rituals, (of which I knew nothing), but I felt its truth and resonance on a profoundly deep level. I drank in as much as I could, and spent all my days taking notes with my mouth gaping open at these sophisticated, yet simple and exquisite practices. When I got home I sought out other courses with my teachers and kept it going.

Having studied with Juan and Ivan for five years, I always had a desire to know more about the female side of the tradition. Of course when you ask Pachamama, (and when you’re ready for it), you shall receive … then Elizabeth popped up on my radar on social media, and I headed to Greece (and later Italy, Hawaii and Peru) for her workshops. It has been everything I was looking for and more … and even some of that stuff that I wasn't’t looking for too! There is no escaping yourself - (or Elizabeth) when you come to her teachings.

My last trip with her in Peru was just incredible, we did the Hatun Karpay as I had done with Juan and Ivan five and a half years before. This time, having all the experience of working with all of my teachers I was able to digest more and it was a totally powerful experience. We also worked with the Nusta Paqos - Andean Priestesses, and went to some of the female sacred sites such as Apu Mama Simona and the Teqse Qocha lake. What was amazing was that the power within our group had got stronger as each day passed our Allyu Poqpo was being transformed. We meditated as we walked staying in the fourth level state, helping each other but staying sovereign to our own bubbles. Everyone had magical encounters with nature spirits and it was a truly magical adventure.

The Andean Tradition is not a one-time-quick-fix-thing, like a rite or initiation that is given to you & baamm you are done! It is about experiencing the Kausay Pacha on a daily basis with your whole being - offering, receiving and offering some more - AYNI. The more I give, the more I receive and want to give back. Elizabeth’s teachings bring you to the fourth level, but it is up to you to be open to receive it, to taste it for yourself, to honour, to speak it, to breathe it, and ultimately to LIVE it. It’s a beautiful work in progress, a gift that I am so grateful for, that I continue to open, unravel and receive."

Helena Lavery

Information for the workshop

Hi Everybody,

We look forward to this wonderful opportunity with Elizabeth over the weekend. Please read the following carefully and contact me if you need to check anything 0868635241.

We start at 10am on Friday .
We may work later some of the evenings also if you would kindly keep them free.

Please a bring outdoor gear and we will be working on sacred sites, notebook and pen and also bottled water only for the training rooms.

People are welcome to bring a packed lunch or use many of the great cafes around the town, the same for evening meal if working late.

Elizabeth asked if you are living in Ireland that you may wish to bring some flowers from your own garden for the altar and offerings. If not don’t worry.

The College rooms can get very warm so we suggest wearing layers and bringing socks or indoor shoes.

Please see directions on our website and advise there for parking etc.

We really looking forward to seeing you then and hoping you got to read Elizabeth’s book,

Very best wishes Majella

We are pleased to host the world's leading expert in Andean spirituality. Join us for an amazing teaching in energy medicine.

Elizabeth B. Jenkins
Teacher of the Inka-Nature Wisdom Tradition


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