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Green Tara Centre for Holistic & Spiritual Studies

Green Tara College,
Green Tara,
Navan, Co. Meath,
Tel: 046 90 60600.

Reiki Three Master Practitioner

Reiki for professional practice as a Reiki Professional Healer
with all techniques usable for self and family use

Open to all who have completed Second Level with any teacher and from any Reiki tradition, all welcome.

Module A - Subjects covered

  • Attunement to Master Symbols
  • Teaching of the Master Symbols and uses
  • Practice of Reiki using the Symbols
  • Review of First and Second Level
  • Advanced energy healing work to include clearing energy, scanning the energy field, seeing the energy field.
  • Advanced set of hand positions working the meridian and touch point centre's leading to a more involved and deeper way of working for the practitioner. (Unique to Reiki Ireland).
  • Opportunities to share workshop experience.
  • Code and ethics of a third level Practitioner
  • Further understanding of the Holistic Approach
  • Further study of the body’s energetic systems
  • Further review of the philosophies of Reiki
  • Client care and handling
  • Illness/related organs & relevant treatments
  • Space preparation, cleansing & protection
  • Advanced meditation techniques
  • Advanced breath techniques and posture
  • Working with the kundalini and advanced techniques (not taught in any other school)
  • Third Level Certificate & Third Level Booklet
  • Dowsing
  • Case Studies

Follow up provided

Once students have completed Third Level Reiki Master Practitioner and the required course work, you may progress onto Reiki Master Teacher Training if you choose.

Workshop Information

  • Course Facilitator: Majella Fagan Traditional Usui Reiki Grand Master Teacher
  • Course Fee: €350.00. Deposit: €95.00: -see payment methods below
  • Balance Due: All fees must be paid the week before the course, thank you. Please note that due to the large number of bounced checks in the current financial climate, being received by the college that payment must be in cash, postal order or direct in bank ( details available upon request) .
  • Clothing: Please wear loose comfortable clothing, please bring slippers and warm socks.
  • Bring along: Slippers/ warm socks, pen, small bottle of antibacterial hand gel. Bottled drinking water if preferred - we have filtered cool water available for you
  • Refreshments: There is plenty of tea, herbal tea and coffee available at the College
  • Mobile Telephones: Please note that mobile telephones will be on silent during the workshop and during certain phases they will be switched off or put into our therapy room. They can be checked at regular intervals
  • Lunch: There are a wide range of cafes/supermarkets in Navan suitable for all tastes or you are welcome to bring along a lunch. The lunch break is one hour

Booking -we take credit card also

Payment method

1) Cash - on the first day before start of workshop

2) Cheque – made out to Majella Fagan which must be received two weeks before the workshop and cleared by the bank before the workshop begins

3) Direct Debit - we will issue you with bank details upon request

4) Postal Order

5) Credit Card

Please note that cheque's are not accepted on the day of the workshop and payments must be in postal order or cash if paying balance on the day

How to Pay

1) Post: You may post payments to our office as follows: M. Fagan, Green Tara, Boyerstown, Navan, Co. Meath.

2) By hand: You may hand in payments at the College Rooms. Please check for opening times and please arrange to call in first, thank you

3) Direct Debit: contact Majella for details

4) Cheque's must be made out to Green Tara College

5) Credit/Debit Card-phone in with your details

Remember to Include with your application:
• Your name, address, two phone numbers, your email address
• Non-refundable deposit

When Posting: Please supply your email and phone numbers so we can get in contact with you, thanking you.

A Follow up class is provided.

Reiki Levels

We offer three levels of Reiki training, which must be taken in order. Each level is a prerequisite for the next one.

  • Our commitment is to help you in any way we can to achieve your goals and dreams.


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