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Energy Medicine in the Inka Tradition

The Andean tradition teaches ancient wisdom, energy-transforming exercises and rituals the raising of consciousness prophecies for our New Age.

2019 Seminar- starts Tuesday 29 October 2019

Join Andean Mystics, Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado (father and son team) for three workshops that provide the keys to step into a direct and personal experience of the world of living energies, a world previously relegated only to highly trained Mystics.

The seven levels of spiritual and personal development of the Inka Tradition offer a cosmology complete with structure and steps to walk a path of personal power based in energetic perception. The Andean Path is an indigenous earth-honoring tradition grounded in the belief that the world is made of ‘living energy.’

By combining quantum physics, ancient energy techniques and modern psychology, Juan offers a framework which changes your world view, enabling you to understand your personal experience in terms of living energy - creating health, harmony and happiness.

According to the Inka Prophecy, humanity is currently in transition from one level of consciousness to a higher one. This course provides complete training in moving to these heightened states of perception; a training that offers a combination of theoretical and experiential practices which were passed in a long lineage of mystics to Juan and Ivan.

Workshops are offered in a sequence to develop energetic skills in the three aspects of the Andean Path - “Phana Energy” (Inka 101),“Chaupi Energy” (Inka 102), and “Lloq'e Energy” (Inka 103).

Workshops are open to anyone, no previous knowledge necessary, beginning first with Inka 101, then 102, then 103.

Inka 101: Phana Energy Path (mystical)

October: Tuesday 29 & Wednesday 30 2019
(Full day classes)
This class may be taken as a stand alone class

  • Overview of the Cosmo-vision and World view of the Andean tradition
  • Explanation of right (mystical) and left (magical) sides of the Path
  • Seven levels of the Andean Path as they correspond to the levels of spiritual and psychological development of the human, including the ‘blossoming’ potential inside everyone: the Inka Seed
  • Explanation of the Inka Energy System, including the seven eyes and four belts of energy which make up the personal energy field
  • How to empower your energy field with light energy and transform the heavy energy in your system to light
  • Detailed description of Inka Prophecy as passed down to Juan from the 4th level Masters of the Q'ero and Huascar lineages and what they portend for humanity and your part in the prophecy
  • Harmonise the male/female energies – the core of Inka philosophy; yanantin/masintin
  • Receive the Ayni Karpay Initiation into the 4th level; a transmission by Juan which will power your personal and spiritual development
  • Experience the Misha Chakuy ritual connecting you to the spiritual line of teachers of the 4th level in Andean tradition
  • Learn the instructions passed from Don Benito Q'oriwaman of Wasao, Juan's first and most import an indigenous teacher; a direct descendant of the last Inka, Huaskar Inka

Inka 102: Chaupi Energy Path (catalyzer)

Thursday October 31 & Friday November 01, 2019
(Full day classes)
This class may be taken as a stand alone class

Experience the knowledge and practices Juan learned from Don Andres Espinoza, powerful healer from Q'ero.

  • Develop harmonious and loving relationships with others, and to connect to the energies of Nature.
  • Experience the Chumpi Away and Nawi Kicha rituals of opening and activating the energetic center; a ritual releasing all ties to energies that are not yours, cutting cords and giving back that which is no longer needed.
  • Open the ‘eyes’ of perception in your energy bubble to connect with the energies of Water Earth, Sun and Wind to empower you.
  • Experience an impressive series of exercises which open the heart centre and circulate energy into the group, steadily growing the energy of the heart - Munay, the integrated power of love and will for collective healing
  • Touch the moment of your conception (Wiñay) and the moment of your of death (Wachay). This will lead you to life’s mystery, letting go of fear and connecting with your heart, releasing the past and seeing into the future.
  • Experience the feeling of a totally intact energy body, with all of your energetic ‘eyes’ open! A total sense of well-being and authenticity

Inka 103: Lloq'e Energy Path (magical)

November: Saturday 02 & Sunday 03 2019
(Full day classes)
This class may be taken as a stand alone class

Learn the skills of Juan's famed Lloq'e Master, Don Melchor Deza, which will enable you to develop your 'magical' powers - intuition, creativity and will.

  • Align, create and manifest your own reality and healing.
  • Learn the ultimate act of personal power: the power to act; to make manifest in your life, using spirit guides who lend their qualities to enhance your power to see, speak, feel, move and act authentically
  • Choose and deepen your relationship with your spirit guides who assist you in developing power to act in powerfully in different areas of life
  • Strengthen your seven powers, culminating with the force of the Amaru, the most basic power of the earth, the serpent power of the Andean tradition

Master Class

November: Monday 04 & Tuesday 05 2091
A continuation of the series so you will need to have taken the earlier classes at some stage in the past with Juan & Ivan at any venue.

Juan teaches the knowledge he gained from his Bolivian teacher, Tata Lorenzo. This training focuses on working with different levels of consciousness to clear our energy and heal old wounds.

You will learn how to work with the energy of past and future, and different forms of group (or community) energy.

You will also work on broadening your horizons, learning to expand your consciousness by linking your essence, your Inka seed, with cosmic elements, including the black light, the Earth, the Sun, the stars, and the Milky Way.

The workshop will also incorporate some modern western teachings from physics, astronomy and the psychology of Carl Jung

You must have taken all of the first three workshops to attend the Master Class. If you took only some classes last year you are welcome to take the one's you missed and then join the Master Class.

Master Class in Despacho Making
November: Wednesday 6th 2019
(Full day class)

Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado

Juan is the foremost expert in the world on the Andean mystical tradition and the Q’ero Indians of Peru. As an Anthropologist, mystic, and past University professor, he is one of the most important spiritual figures in South America. His father, Oscar ‘discovered’ the Q’ero, the last direct descendants of the Inka in 1949. Since 2005, Juan has worked together with his son, Ivan, who has been a student of the Andean Path since seven years old, being initiated in Q’olloriti, one of the most powerful sacred sites in the Andes (it is said that you can never be a powerful Paq’o until you have ‘presented yourself’ to Lord Q’olloriti at least once). Working as a team, they model the powerful Inka concept of yanantin, the harmonious relationship of different elements.

More details about Juan Nuñez del Prado...

The Hatun Karpay Initiation

In the Andes it is believed that you are born with an Inka Seed, a seed of personal potential that is waiting to be awakened, fed and nurtured. An initiatory experience provides the tools for the birthing and sprouting of this seed, an opportunity to move your spirituality from something abstract to something that is ‘real’ as you learn the energetic practices and apply them to your life.

Through involvement in the Andean practices you are changed – from being someone who has ‘forgotten' yourself to someone who remembers.’ You are being ‘called’ to participate in a "Great Initiation" (or Hatun Karpay) as they say in the Andes.

Indigenous peoples have a wisdom for which Westerners are longing. The Hartun Karpay initiation makes this wisdom accessible by waking up your personal potential, leading you into a richer, deeper experience of your life. As transitions and challenges present themselves, you move more gracefully toward your authentic self, setting a trajectory aligned with your values through a clarity and appreciation for your own personal power and the life that is in front of you.

The Hatun Karpay Initiation offers practical tools for interacting with nature, understanding its relevance in your life and experiencing your place in the world. The Hatun Karpay intiatory experience has been practiced for hundreds of years in the Andes by the Q’ero Indians, the direct descendants of the Inka and the prophets and visionaries of the Andes. They are considered to be the Keepers of Ancient Wisdom of the Inka and of the Inka Prophecies.

The Hatun Karpay Initiation will assist you to:

  • Connect with living energy to enrich and nurture your being
  • Access clarity and strength to live the life you were destined to live
  • Resolve conflict and disperse heavy energy
  • Meet and overcome fears with courage and compassion
  • Develop personal power and spiritual authority from within
  • Integrate and harmonize your inner masculine and feminine
  • Develop and access inner resources not experienced before
  • Feel healthy, vital, happy and balanced
  • Experience peace, harmony and belonging in everyday life


Full Programme 2019:
Starts: 29 October finish 06 November 2019
10.00am - 6.00pm.


Green Tara Centre, Tara House, 1 Preston Place,
38 Trimgate Street, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland

Open to everybody (open to everybody - regardless of whether you are taking the course)
Juan & Ivan will be offering individual healing sessions for two days and in the evenings after class, . Sessions are one hour and can be booked through the College. They must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable due to the high demand.
Sessions will be available on
Thursday: 07 Mpvember 2019 10am - 9pm
Friday: 08 November 2019 10am - 6pm
After Class: There will be healing sessions available after class most days (only one a day) - can be pre-booked now
Fee: €100

For people flying in from abroad for the training they will be offering sessions on the evenings after the course. They can be booked now through Majella as they book up fast.


€295 per workshop (2 day workshop)
or special offer of €745 for the whole 6-day training


Fee for Master Class only - €495.

Special Offer for all classes inclduing master class and despaco class: €1195.00!


Fee for Master Class only - €150.00

Special Offer for all classes inclduing master class and despaco class: €1295.00!


This offer is open to people who have taken the training in Ireland before only.
Special offer for people re-sitting any of the programme ,

1/2 price per class! (except Despacho class)

re-sit everything for €495.00!


We recommend St .Thomas B&B 00 353 46 9028917, contact by phone only, if Elaine is unavailable to answer just leave a message and she will come back to you quickly.

Also see www.myhome.ie. some people who live in town and offer rooms in their homes at a very reasonable rate from €25.00

Nearest Hotel is the Newgrange Hotel, Navan 00353 46 9074100 and then the Ardboyne Hotel , Navan 00 353 46 9023119.

15 minuets away in a car is the Historic Trim Castle hotel in Trim.

Air B&B is also available


Green Tara College, Tara House, 1 Preston Place, 38 Trimgate Street, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland

Travelling from outside of Ireland

Fly into Dublin Airport and there is a Bus from Dublin Airport direct to Navan town. This is the most efficient and easiest way to get to the town. The College is located directly in the town centre. The bus number is 109A and you will see directions when you walk out of the Airport for bus stops.

Here is the link for the bus timetable you will be coming from Dublin Airport to


 How to book

How to Book & Pay for Courses and/or healing's with Juan & Ivan:
When you decide to go ahead and book a place on the course the procedure is to enroll and pay the required deposit or full course fee.

Step One: Enrolment: Please email us your full name, two contact numbers and email address.

Step Two: Pay your deposit to secure a place - here are the details:

You are welcome to pay by any of the following methods:

  • Bank Transfer – please mail us for our bank details then you can transfer payment to our account (this is the recommended and most secure way to pay and leaves a very clear record of payment)
  • Card - we will arrange  with you a good time to call you or for you to call us,  then card details over the telephone, receipts are emailed to you automatically form AIB. 00353469060600
  • Cheque – made out to Green Tara College & posted or handed in to College (phone first to arrange a time to call in)
  • Postal Order  – made out to Green Tara College & posted or handed in to the address above .Majella Fagan, Green Tara College, 1 Preston Place, 38 Trimgate Street, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland
  • Cash - pay in the  College itself before the course
    (please call first to confirm office opening times)


Remember to Include with your application:

• Your name, address, two phone numbers, your email address
• Non-refundable deposit or full course or healing fee

When Posting: Please supply your email and phone numbers so we can get in contact with you, thanking you.       

If I can help with any further information please do let me know,  Regards Majella

Terms & conditions of Booking the training

1. If for any reason Juan & Ivan cancel the course then a full refund of deposits and course fees paid will be immediately fully refunded.

Please note that personal flights and travel arrangements are not included in this arrangement. We advise you take out travel insurance (however this has never happened) but please do feel secure that your fees would be refunded.

2. Back-up plan:
Secondly if the above did occur we would still offer people a class and work with sacred sites and give some of the teachings and techniques for you anyway. This would be a choice of course.

3. The deposit of €495.00 will secure your place but please note that it is non-refundable if you withdraw from the course for any reason.

Full course fees must be paid by 1st September as Juan & Ivan are booking flights from Peru especially to come here so the only way we know people are committed to being here is when fees are paid. If you are cancelling after
1st September that if you cancel 30 days before the course begins you will be refunded fees except for the deposit. If you do not cancel 30 before the course begins then there is no refund . You would therefore need to cancel by September 28th.

4. If booking a healing full fees of €100.00 must be paid and is non refundable unless you can get another person to take your place.

5. If booking one unit only then the deposit is half the fee, thank you

Please contact Majella at the office for any further details or clarifications



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Power in the Andean tradition is a good thing. If you have the power to love, you must demonstrate that power by loving well. If you have the power to build a very large Saiwa, a column of energy, you must demonstrate this by using the power to some purpose.
-Juan Nuñez del Prado

Juan Nunez del Prado

Enrollment Form

Course Information


Dear Inka aspirants and Paco's, Wanderer's and those who have yet to discover.

I have had the privilege of attending this course and education, it is truly life enhancing in my opinion.

Majella is highly attentive to the needs of travellers and visitors to both her school, classes and country. I wish to endorse and encourage this course for consideration.

The content of the courses and its included practices are an experience of a life time. It is a practice that continues to improve and influence my daily life and practices.

Unforgettable, The Elders of the Q'ero's people and the influence that was set in motion when Senior Nunez del Prado, Snr; attended to their human needs and rights, has crossed the globe and influences the world daily.

The advances that can be achieved with "Jucha Miquay" alone are significant. Nations are changed by these practices and my personal experiences of its potentials for personal development, are a matter of personal experience and testament.

I can highly recommended this course and the benefits of doing this in a consecutive manner,

Much Munai

Taiga Forest