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ITEC Diploma
Holistic Swedish Massage

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Fast Track Massage (January - May)

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At Green Tara College we teach an in-depth deep tissue healing massage using Swedish massage techniques which can be used for many ailments especially for deep healing and relaxation.

Our sincere aim is to encourage each individual student/therapist to develop your own natural skills and gifts to enable you to use your gifts to streamline treatments to your individual client's needs, be they family, friends and/or the professional client.

We teach from a spiritual perspective for anybody who is interested in developing skills to tune into your client’s needs physically, emotionally and mentally, bringing to them the treatment that best meets their needs.  You will truly notice the difference in an energetic massage treatment.

Qualifications gained:

  • ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage
  • ITEC Diplomas in Anatomy & Physiology
  • ITEC Certificate in Business & Client Care
  • Green Tara College Certificate in Energy Awareness & Management - Free Course

Holistic Massage is a deeply relaxing massage experience that treats the mind, body and spirit. It is one of the most popular forms of massage offering a beautiful, relaxing and nurturing treatment. The massage is a complete full body massage to include: legs, back, abdomen, feet, hands, face, head, shoulders, neck, and upper torso.

Our ITEC Holistic Massage course is focused on bringing a deep nurturing treatment to your client. While students learn all of the syllabus from the workings of muscles, to understanding the Anatomy of the body to giving a wonderful deep massage, the training is truly holistic at Green Tara College.

Subjects covered

• Hands on full body massage incorporating the classical swedish massage movements of effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction and vibration.
• In depth practical training
• History and principles of Massage including principles and benefits.
• 20 hours of case histories
• Common ailments and contraindications
Anatomy & Physiology
Business Awareness & Professionalism
Professional Conduct & Client Care
Energy Management and the Mind, Body & Spirit Connection
• Exploring and understanding the Holistic Approach
• Study Aid Class
• Examination Preparation Classes
• Course Books

Upon completion of the course students will be qualified to carry out an holistic full body massage as an Holistic Therapist. The student will have acquired the skills to communicate and facilitate the client in consultation. The student will have an ingrained knowledge of energy management.

Academic Awards

ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage
Green Tara College Diploma in Holistic Massage
ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
ITEC Diploma in Professional Conduct & Client Care
Green Tara Certificate in Energy Management

Equipment you will need

The College will provide all necessary teaching equipment.

The equipment that you will need is minimal and includes:

  • Large ring binder folder with dividers to hold A4 Sheets
  • Clip Board
  • Hair ties and hair band (for all practical massage only)
  • No jewellery except wedding band (practical massage only)
  • 2 large black bath sheet towels, 2 black hand towels (practical massage only). You can use any colour for class but they must be the correct size.
  • One massage table cover - available to buy at Green Tara
  • Professional Therapist Uniform- Black therapist tunic (Guiney's in Dublin, Diamond Design, Amazon, hair and beauty supplies black trousers with a crease in front and back (jeans, leggings, track suit bottoms, not allowed), fully covered sensible low heeled shoes, black socks. All outer cardigans and T shirts must be black
  • Email address
  • Large antibacterial Hand wipes
  • Hand Gel (antibacterial) – all classes,
  • Equipment wipes for all classes e.g. dettol wipes or Lidl wipes
  • Books:
    1. An Introduction to Massage by Louise Tucker (pink book) – most recent edition-compulsory
    2. An Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology by Louise Tucker – most recent edition-compulsory
    3. The Concise Book of Muscles - Recommended



Qualification requirements for students to be awarded certificates

Certificates will be awarded together and cannot be awarded until all modules are completed. Students must be available for all the weekend modules.

  • A 100% commitment is required
  • Completion and submission of 20 Hours of Case Studies- please note that case studies must be typed so access to a computer or a person who will type up assignments is a requirement.
  • One hour multiple choice examination paper in Holistic Massage - ITEC Unit 2
  • One hour multiple choice examination paper in Anatomy & Physiology - ITEC Unit 1
  • One hour multiple choice examination paper - Professional Conduct & Business Awareness - ITEC Unit 22
  • One hour practical massage including a short oral examination
  • Completion of Energy Management module
  • Completion of Green Tara College course assignments.
  • Continual Assessment of Course Work
  • The compulsory modules for this Diploma (unless exempt) are Holistic Massage, Professional Conduct & Business Awareness and Energy Management.

Enrolment and entry qualifications

  • Students must have a caring and helpful disposition with a desire to learn more about the holistic field and way of being. They must be dedicated to their own personal growth and well being.
  • Have an acceptable knowledge & capability of written and oral English
  • Places are awarded following a College Interview only via telephone or face to face
  • You are very welcome to arrange to come along and visit us - we advise this as you get a sense of the College and the learning environment, just give Majella a telephone 0868635241
  • To Enroll - Fill out the online prospectus and email back to us and post or bank your deposit of €450.00 or Print off the enrollment form and post it in with your deposit of €450.00 euro to Majella Fagan, Green Tara Country Office, Boyerstown , Navan, Co. Meath
  • You can also enroll via email by filling in the form we send you. We can take deposits via credit or debit card via telephone

Payment methods & bookings

  • Green Tara College Course Fee:- €1495.00 (examination fees not included)
  • Examination complete Fees: ITEC Exam fee is €190.00, this is included in the €450.00 deposit
  • In the current financial climate we are delighted to be able to offer students the opportunity to pay by monthly installments at no extra cost– minimum agreed payment must be paid before class on the set date each month and all fees must be paid by the agreed date via card.

Payment Structure:

• Each installment & deposit is non- refundable
• Please note that if a student enrolls on the training programme and leave the course during the year for any reason that there will be no refunds available.
• Students are welcome to pay off the fees as quickly as they wish and fees can be paid for in total at the start of the course. You may pay by Credit/Debit Card, monthly direct debit, cheque, cash, receipts are issued and payments signed in for verification.

Payment Structure

  • Massage Course Fee - all subjects:- €1495.00 (examination fees not included)
  • Examination Fees:  ITEC Exam fee is €190.00
  • Total special offer course fees including ITEC exam fees and tuition fee = €1685 .00 (normally €2.200.00) .
  • 10% discount off course tuition fee when paid in full (exam fee not included and does not apply with a GTC Diploma voucher). The course can also be paid through monthly installments – minimum agreed payment taken from debit/credit card on the set date each month.
  • €450.00 deposit, €350.00 month two, €350.00 month three, €350.00 month four, €185.00 balance paid in next month
  • Each installment is non-refundable
  • Students are welcome to pay off the fees as quickly as they wish
  • If you are on a reduced course fee you must still meet the required payment of deposit & €350.00 per month untill you have paid full fees - thank you.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What equipment do I need?
  2. What do I have to do to gain the academic awards?
  3. What are the entry qualifications?
  4. What does it cost?
  5. How do I enroll?
  6. Can I get credit for existing qualifications
  7. Course Options

Ideal for people with ITEC qualifications already

Massage theory & Practical - Module 1 - Theory
Times (9.00am – 6.00pm)
Sunday 26
Sunday 09 & 23
Saturday 07 & Sunday 15
Saturday 04 & Sunday 05

Business & Professional Conduct Module 
February 2020: 
Friday 07 (7-10pm) 
Saturday 08 (10am-6.00pm)

Energy Management for Therapist & Client Care 
January 2020
Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 

Examination Dates:
Pre- Assessments:
April  Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 2019

ITEC written & practical assessments:

May: Saturday 09 & Sunday 10 2020 (please keep free) 
May: Saturday 02 & Sunday 03 & Monday 04(please keep free)

(Dates confirmed nearer the time by ITEC)

Holistic Massage Module - start 1st October
every Tuesday evening 7-10pm
Tuesday mornings 10AM-1PM
(holidays taken in line with schools)

Starts first Tuesday in October 2019 finish April 2020

Business & Professional Conduct Module 
November 2019: 
Friday 15th (7-10pm) &
Saturday 16th (10am-6.00pm) 
February 2020: 
Friday 07 (7-10pm) 
Saturday 08 (10am-6.00pm)

Energy Management for Therapist & Client Care 
November 2019
Saturday 30th & 
Sunday 01st December 
January 2020
Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 

Examination Dates:
Pre- Assessments: April  Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 2019
ITEC written & practical assessments:
May: Saturday 09 & Sunday 10 2020 (please keep free) 
May: Saturday 02 & Sunday 03 (please keep free)

(Dates confirmed nearer the time by ITEC

Holidays in line with school terms
Halloween-October Bank holiday week– Mid term break
Xmas-December 19 - two week break
Spring- February - Mid term 17th February 2020

May: 18 Saturday
June: 09 Sunday
July: 27 Saturday
August: 11 Sunday
September: 15 & 22 Sunday
October: 20 Sunday
November: 03 Sunday
December: 08Sunday
Times: 10am - 6.00pm

Business & Professional Conduct Module
November 2019:
Friday 15th (7-10pm)
Saturday 16th (10am-6.00pm)

Energy Management for Therapist & Client Care
November 2019,
Saturday 30th &
Sunday 01st December

Examination Dates:

Pre-Assessments for Massage Class:
December 2019 - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th

ITEC Assessments for Massage:
Saturday 14 December 2019

Dates for Anatomy Module
(if you don't hold anatomy already):

Sunday 30 - The Cell 
July: Sunday 14 - Tissues & Skin 
July: Sunday 28 - Endocrine & Reproductive systems (10am-5.30pm)
August: Sunday 18 - Skeletal System
 Sunday 08 - Muscular system
October: Sunday 06 - Cardiovascular system 
November: Sunday 10- Lymphatic system
December: Sunday 15 - Respiratory system
January:  Sunday 05 - Nervous System
February:  Sunday 02 - Digestive system
March: Sunday 01 - Urinary system
April: Sunday 05 - Review
April: Saturday 25 - pre-assessments

May: Saturday 09 - Final assessments

(Course fees do not include books and examination fees -total examination fees to cover all modules- €190.00)

Option 1
ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma

€1,495.00 -(exam fees not included)

1. Diploma in  Anatomy & Physiology - ITEC
2. Diploma in Holistic Massage - ITEC
3. Professional Conduct & Business Awareness  – Unit 22- ITEC
4. Certificate in Energy Management- free course!

These further options below are available only if you hold recognized previous qualifications

Option 2

ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma

Not including  A&P - €1,195.00 - (exam fees not included)
1. Diploma in Holistic Massage - ITEC
2. Professional Conduct & Business Awareness - Unit 22
3. Certificate in Energy Management - free course!






Irelands only holistic spiritual massage training including chakra massage. Truly holistic training


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