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ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage

Academic Awards

ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage
ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
ITEC Diploma in Professional Conduct & Client Care
Emergency First Aid
Green Tara Certificate in Energy Management


The College will provide all necessary teaching equipment.

The equipment that you will need is minimal and includes:

  • Large ring binder folder to hold A4 Sheets
  • Clip Board
  • Hair ties and hair band (for all practical massage only)
  • No jewellery except wedding band (practical massage only)
  • 4 large black bath sheet towels, 4 black hand towels (practical massage only). You can use any colour for class but they must be the correct size.
  • Professional Therapist Uniform- Black therapist tunic (Guiney's in Dublin, Diamond Design, Co. Monaghan, Salon Select in Navan) black trousers with a crease in front and back (jeans, leggins, cords not allowed), fully covered sensible low heeled shoes, black socks. All outer cardigans and T shirts must be black
  • Short nails for all practical classes
  • Email address
  • Antiseptic Hand wipes (Boots green pack) (practical massage only)
  • Hand Gel (antibacterial) – all classes,
  • Equipment wipes for all classes e.g. dettol wipes or Liddl wipes
  • Books:
    An Introduction to Massage Louise Tucker (pink book) – most recent edition
    • An Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Louise Tucker – most recent edition
    • Anatomy & Physiology (Ruth Hull) Isbn 9780955901119
    • The Concise Book of Muscles



Qualification requirements for students to be awarded certificates

Certificates will be awarded together and cannot be awarded until all modules are completed. Students must be available for all the weekend modules.

  • A 100% commitment is required
  • Completion and submission of 20 Hours of Case Studies- please note that case studies must be typed so access to a computer or a person who will type up assignments is a requirement.
  • One hour multiple choice examination paper in Holistic Massage - ITEC Unit 2
  • One hour multiple choice examination paper in Anatomy & Physiology - ITEC Unit 1
  • One hour multiple choice examination paper - Professional Conduct & Business Awareness - ITEC Unit 22
  • One hour practical massage including a short oral examination
  • Completion of Energy Management module
  • Completion of Green Tara College course assignments.
  • Continual Assessment of Course Work
  • The compulsory modules for this Diploma (unless exempt) are Holistic Massage, Professional Conduct & Business Awareness and Energy Management.

Enrolment and entry qualifications

  • Students must have a caring and helpful disposition with a desire to learn more about the holistic field and way of being. They must be dedicated to their own personal growth and well being.
  • Have an acceptable knowledge & capability of written and oral English
  • Places are awarded following a College Interview only

Please ensure to enclose the following with your application:


  • Completed Student Application Form/Consultation Card (Confidential)
  • Course Deposit: Non refundable
  • Examination Fee: Non refundable
  • Agree to follow the College & Governing body Code of Ethics
  • Sign College Contract of Conditions

Payment methods & bookings

  • Course Fee: €1495.00 non refundable + Examination Fee of €180.00 not included in course fee.
  • Fees can be paid for in total at the start of the course
  • There is a monthly payment option available. Please contact Majella for details at the College, 046-9060600.

Previous Credits Awards: Certification previously gained in any of the above modules can be credited towards your training and you do not have to repeat the relevant course.

Please note that students must attend all the modules unless a previous recognized qualification in a particular module is held. Emergency First Aid is a free optional module

ITEC -Diploma in Holistic Massage & Anatomy & Physiology Course Fees

 (Course fees do not include books and examination fees -total examination fees to cover all modules- €180.00)

Option 1

ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma
5 Modules - €1,495.00
(exam fees not included)

1. Diploma in  Anatomy & Physiology - ITEC
2. Diploma in Holistic Massage - ITEC
3. Professional Conduct & Business Awareness  – Unit 22- ITEC
4. Certificate in Energy Management- free course!
5. Emergency First Aid – free course!

These further options are available only if you hold recognized previous qualifications

Option 2

ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma–
4 Modules
(Not including Unit 22) €1445.00
(exam fees not included)

1. Diploma in Holistic Massage- ITEC
2. Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology - ITEC
3. Certificate in Energy Management- free course!
4. Emergency First Aid – free course!

Option 3

ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma – 4 Modules
(Not including  A&P) €1,195.00
(exam fees not included)

1. Diploma in Holistic Massage - ITEC
2. Professional Conduct & Business Awareness - Unit 22
3. Certificate in Energy Management - free course!
4. Emergency First Aid – free course!

Option 7

Holistic Massage– 3 Modules (not including A&P, Unit 22 business) –€1145.00
(exam fees not included)

1.Holistic Massage  Diploma- ITEC
2.Energy Management - free course!
3. Emergency First Aid – free course!



You are welcome to pay by:

1) Cash

2) Cheque – made out to Green Tara College

3) Direct Debit

4) Postal Order

Where to Pay

1) Post: You may post payments to our office as follows: M. Fagan, Green Tara, Boyerstown, Navan, Co. Meath.

2) By hand: You may hand in payments at the College Rooms at Tara Rooms, Railway Street, Navan (check for opening times and please arrange to call in first, thank you)

3) Direct Debit : contact Majella for details

4) Cheque's must be made out to Green Tara College

5) Bank Account: Contact Majella at the office for account details

Remember to Include with your application:
• Completed Enrolment Form
• Non-refundable deposit
• Copy of previous body qualifications & ITEC number if you have previously studied with ITEC

When Posting: Please supply your email and phone numbers so we can get in contact with you, thanking you.



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